Personal Savings Account

 Personal Savings Account

Our Personal Savings Account is designed to help you save for yourself and your family’s future. AccessBank Personal Savings Account helps you to save towards a particular goal or purchase, or to give you the freedom that comes from knowing you are ready for the unexpected of life. With our Savings Account, you earn interest each month, which means your money grows faster and you reach your financial goals quickly.

What does it offer?

  • Immediate access to your money as and when it is needed at any time.
  • Competitive interest rate on your money
  • Free internal transfers
  • You are allowed to deposit cheques into your Personal Savings Account
  • Salary transfer

 What do you need to open account? 

  • You have to be at least 18 years
  • Valid ID Card
  • You can be a salaried worker or self-employed
  • Be a resident or non-resident Liberian, or resident non-Liberian with a valid residence permit.
  • Minimum account opening deposit of LRD 2,000 ( USD 10, for USD Account)