Corporate Value

Corporate Value

ABL’s mission is to become the bank of choice for the low and middle-income strata of the Liberian population, and the country’s leading provider of financial services to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.

Our Vision is a financial sector that offers responsible financial services to all people with the same ambition for excellence and quality.

As a member bank of the AccessGroup network, ABL shares a range of core-standardized products (with local adaptations as required) and the following principles:

  • Ease and speed of access – providing financial services to previously un-or under-served parts of the population, with the aim to be faster and more efficient than any comparable operator in the country;
  • Transparency and clarity – communicating all products, services and eligibility criteria with as little room for subjective interpretation as possible;
  • Quality leadership – setting industry standards with respect to customer service and quality, ensuring the highest quality loan portfolios possible, through adherence to international best practices with respect to their underwriting standards and credit risk management;
  • Training and staff development – recruiting talented and motivated staff on a large scale that do not necessarily have relevant work experience and qualifying them to assume more responsible roles over time through regular training and coaching as well as frequent staff exchanges between network banks.
  • Strong business ethics – adhering to a joint set of principles of good corporate be havior, covering responsible lending practices, adherence to social and environmental standards, both international and local, as well as a stringent code of conduct for all member-bank employees.

The principles that inform all business activities of AccessBank Liberia are the following:

  • Customer and Service Orientation
  • Efficiency and Standardization
  • Prudence
  • Transparency
  • Product Development
  • Social Responsibility and Tolerance