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Change of name

Effective 7 May, 2018, “AccessBank Liberia The Microfinance Bank” will start operating under a shortened name “AccessBank Liberia”. This change reflects an ever growing demand for the Bank’s services from business segments beyond microenterprises. In line with the name change, the Bank has established special service points in five branches for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as for corporate clients. This will increase convenience and improve service delivery speed for these customer groups.  
Mr. Jonas Nyaye, Managing Director of AccessBank Liberia explained: “The repositioning of AccessBank Liberia as the Bank for all customer segments supports our strategy to diversify portfolio, efficiently manage risks, and facilitate job creation in the Liberian market. The new name better reflects the expanding client focus, internal growth and increasing business standards of our bank. At the same time, the Bank will continue to work with micro entrepreneurs as one of its core client groups and will maintain the high level of services they have come to expect.”
The Chairman of the Bank’s Supervisory Board, Dr Bernd Zattler, added: “AccessBank Liberia will soon reach its 10th Anniversary milestone. It has been a long and successful journey for the Bank and over 100,000 micro and small entrepreneurs have been supported and nurtured by AccessBank throughout these years. As a leading provider of financial services in Liberia, it is only natural that going forward the Bank will increasingly work with a wider range of local businesses to support the country’s economic growth and well-being of Liberians.”
About AccessBank Liberia
AccessBank Liberia was founded in January 2009 by four international institutions: AccessHolding AG, African Development Bank, European Investment Bank and International Finance Corporation. The Bank provides financial services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises via seven branches located in Monrovia and Buchanan. At the end of 2017, the Bank had over USD 40 million of assets and nearly 500 employees, serving more than 150,000 customers.